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The “Lessons” of Britain’s Counterinsurgency in Malaya: An American Obsession

(Perspectives Daily, July 2, 2019)

COIN - Handbook[Preview] It is often said that US policymakers and military strategists fail to learn from history. There’s a popular myth that Americans had woefully ignored Britain’s secrets to a successful counterinsurgency in Malaya. But the Malayan Emergency was, in fact, a Cold War obsession, and at the very highest levels.

Perspectives Daily is the online newsmagazine of the American Historical Association.

20604390_10156463015172519_8222660145968323899_nThe Origins of US Hegemony in East and Southeast Asia–And Why China Challenges it Today (History News Network, June 17, 2019)

[Preview] How did America rise to hegemony in East and Southeast Asia? The popular history of U.S. involvement in Asia after 1945 actually suggests that American predominance in the region faded fast. U.S. military supremacy was punctured in Korea. Further humiliation would greet America’s military in Vietnam. Richard Nixon’s rapprochement with China in the early 1970s seemed an effort to slow America’s waning paramountcy in world affairs.

If America suffered mostly embarrassment and defeat in Asia, how could U.S. hegemony have emerged in the region? Commentators have rarely addressed this question, stating simply that America enjoyed a “surprisingly advantageous” position in Southeast Asia despite failing in Vietnam.

MAY 2019


On May 30, 2019, I spoke with Elaine Reyes of CTGN about the highly anticipated meeting between China’s Defense Minister and Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. (#shangriladialogue) View the clip here.

MARCH 2019

WQ at the Wilson

C-SPAN broadcasted a video recording of my talk about my book, Arc of Containment, which took place at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on March 11, 2019. You can view the video at this link.


Horns of a Dilemma PicThe podcast of my talk about my book at UT-Austin (March 5) is available now on Horns of a Dilemma by War on the Rocks. You can listen to the talk at this link.


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