Seminars, Lectures and Book Panels

Current and Upcoming

1617907_10152889528002519_5575702857644394245_oOn 25 July 2019, I will deliver my first public lecture in Singapore.My lecture, entitled “The Malayan Emergency: An American Obsession”, will be hosted by the National Library.

In this talk, I will examine US leaders’ enduring fascination with British counterinsurgency strategies in Malaya in the early Cold War, delving into how this obsession shaped American policies in Vietnam and beyond.

For more information, please visit this page of the National Library.

Past Events

53900801_10158235075862519_4757997704318025728_oIn March 2019, a few weeks before the release of my book, Arc of Containment, I had the opportunity to share my research at the University of Texas at Austin (The Clements Center for National Security), Columbia University (The Weatherhead East Asian Studies Institute), and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington History Seminar).

A podcast of my talk at the University of Texas is available at this link. A video of my talk at the Woodrow Wilson Center appeared on C-SPAN and can be viewed at this link.

When my book was released in April 2019, I was able to visit and speak at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Center for Southeast Asian Studies), Northwestern University (Department of History) and the University of Chicago (Committee on International Relations).



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